Life of the sky

Life of the sky

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Life of the sky!
To see color as an extension of you, to move like color moves in water, smoothly and in flux with unexpected turns.
This is the inspiration that helped in the creation of this texture.
Limited edition, only 50 available.

For the aerial acrobat, yogini, hooper or movement enthusiast
Deep blue, violet and purple with discreet stripes as added touch.
Made in watercolor (see the last picture for original texture)



✔These garments are made to order, meaning that they take a little while to get made and shipped. Normal turn around time is 5-10 days to ship your garment.
✔ Due to the variation in color monitors, please keep in mind that colors may vary slightly.
✔ These are NOT see-through. However lighter colors as with white pants don't go well with patterned undies!

✔ Leggings are made with high spandex fabric. They hug in all the right places and suit all kinds of body types.

✔ Fabric holds shape even after multiple wearings.

✔ Print is vivid and IT WILL NEVER FADE after washing, yet ink is made with SOLVENT FREE sublimation inks. 

✔Stretch fabric features an EcoPoly fiber. This fiber is considered eco-friendly since it requires significantly less energy and water use during manufacturing.

✔ Leggings are medium weight and sturdy, yet breathable. 

✔ Thick elastic waistband finishing and cover stitched hems. The elastic generally will rise just under your belly button and is comfortable for your midsection. It is doubled up to produce the power needed to hold your leggings perfectly in place.
✔ 100% Made in Canada


✫Please refer to the last image to choose your size. 
✫ Please take note: if you are in between sizes, I recommend you choose the larger size.

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