Eco Friendly and Ethical

All products are manufactured in Canada.

Fabric for Leggings and skirts is also made in Canada following the EcoPoly standard. 
This means it uses 70% less energy, 70% less water and 70% less heat.

On average producing 1 meter of polyester fabric will consume 13 liters of water and over 29000 kilojoules of energy.
On the other hand, producing 1 meter of ECO POLYESTER fabric will only consume 3.9 liters of water and 8700 Kilojoules of energy.

Silk for Scarves is imported, because Silk is not produced in our Canadian climate! But every scarf is printed and sewn in Montreal.

Ethical Working Conditions

The company helping me with the production of my garments are located in Montreal, Canada. They pay above minimum wage, no unpaid internships, all breaks are paid, National Holidays are respected and you can drop in any time. Unlike overseas factories trying to hide worker conditions. I've personally visited them several times and their door is always open.

If you have questions or concerns, contact me!